Racing History

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A brief history of my racing career so far


This season Fenton took part in 2 championships. The British Talent Cup run by Dorna as part of the "Road To MotoGP" programme and also the European Talent Cup - which is predominantly held in Spain and is very much a stepping stone for the next stage of the CEV Moto3.

Fenton finished 3rd in the British Talent Cup.  Taking 3 wins, appearing on the podium 10 times and qualifying on the front row in each round.    In the European Talent cup, after a 2nd place podium in round 1 at Estoril,  Fenton finished 14th after completing in 5 rounds with Wilson Racing,  amongst a group of over 60 riders.  For the last two rounds in Albacete and Valencia, Fenton was given the opportunity to ride in the Moto3 Junior World Championship with Fau55 Racing. 

The British Talent Cup, European Talent Cup and Junior world Championships were of an extremely  high standard of riding and after starting the year with the goal of finishing in the top 5 of the British Talent Cup and in the top 15 of the European Talent Cup, both were achieved.  The Moto3 Junior World Championship rounds were a bonus and an amazing experience, but were an extremely tough challenge with a very sharp learning curve.  However, in Valencia (not one of Fenton's best circuits), after qualifying for the main races, he finished 24th and 20th, which was incredible achievement considering he'd only had 2 rounds on the bike.


After such a successful 2017, we were approached by a sponsor who asked if we would like to enter in the British Super Bikes Motostar Standard class with a Team. As a family we decided to go for it, but Fenton had never ridden a Moto3.

Fenton was also extremely happy to be accepted in the new British Talent Cup (BTC) for 2018, run by Dorna as part of the "road to MotoGP" programme.  So 2018 was looking to be a even better year.

The year started well and Fenton was regularly on the podium within the BSB paddock in the BTC took an excellent 3rd place podium appearance after starting from pitlane as his bike stalled on the start line. 

However, whilst attending Snetterton in the BTC, disaster struck.  Fenton had a cycling incident which ended his weekend with a trip to the hospital and diagnosed with a double displaced fracture or the ulna and radius. An operation was scheduled 3 days after the accident for his arm to be plated. The operation was a huge success and after meeting Shakey coming out the hospital was put in to contact with the wonderful Brian (The Physiotherapy Health Centre LTD), who worked his magic. He underwent Laser Therapy and Magnetic field therapy. He also attended the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Chelmsford with a wonderful charity called Charms. 

Once the plaster was off, Fenton was desperate to get back to racing as he had already missed Knockhill, but had kept his 2nd position on the leader board up to this point.  After attending intense physio sessions with Jon (Chelmsford Physio), Fenton was ready to race after just 4 weeks post operation. Fenton returned to race at Brands Hatch, still in pain, but gained valuable points in both races. The following 2 weeks he went out and got a podium, just 6 weeks after his double fracture. 

It all looked to be getting back together and at Cadwell Park he once again was racing with the front pack, but then another rider in front landed after the mountain and his chain snapped causing him to stop - with no where to go and so little time to act Fenton hit the other rider doing over 80kph and got catapulted off the bike fracturing his "other" wrist! The motorbike was then hit from the side shattering the frame and leaving the motorbike unrepairable. This unfortunately has put a end to Fenton's 2018 season. 


Fenton started his year with a 3rd, 2nd and a 1st at Donington Park circuit with the KTMRC 390cc bike. This was to be the same throughout the year and it ended with him winning the British Junior KTMRC Cup 390cc class with one race to go. Fenton then went back out to Spain at the Jerez Circuit for the World finals where he had a incident in the first race, he was leading and on the last bend on the last lap in the lead he let the front end slid out.. A very frustrated Fenton was devastated by the crash. The Mechanic worked hard and got the bike ready for the second race the following day which saw Fenton take the win and put him into Reserve World Champion 2017.

Prior to 2017

Fenton Harrison Seabright had been racing for 2 seasons in Spain. In this time he has pushed his way from the bottom of the pack to the top!  He started his passion for motorbikes at a very early age, naming all the different types and models on TV and in reality. With lots of persuasion his mother finally gave in to a cheap Chinese 50cc motorbike.  But as Fenton grew and got the taste of the speed, his father knew it was not going to end there. 

Purchasing Fenton his first pitbike, he would go on to train at his local track in Villajoyosa and soon caught the eye of many other riders, who are still friends today.   One rider helped enter Fenton in his first Pitbike race at the end of 2015 - finishing 2nd!  The journey then snowballed into 140cc MiniGP in 2016 with Cuña de Campeones and ANPA. Finishing 3rd overall in ANPA and 10th in Cuña de Campeones. Fenton then earnt a semi scholarship for 2016 with Cuña de Campeones, and went on to ride a PreMoto4 250cc.  

Unfortunately, mid season Fenton broke his arm.  But after many hospital visits and scans decided to still compete in 2 races, having to have his cast removed for each race and a brace fitted, which did affect Fentons chances but in his words "it is about the points Mum".  He finishing 6th in Cuña de Campeones and 1st in Copa de Levante. Fenton has now gained another semi scholarship this season with the Valencian team and has also been given the opportunity to ride on his home turf "The UK" He has been entered to ride in the KTM RC 390 Cup starting his first race at the end of March.

Join us

This year Fenton aimed to compete in the UK and Spain gaining some podiums and learning as much as he can.  Fenton has great support of family, friends, mechanics and a great trainer.  Building on the achievements in 2019, we are looking to move further up the ladder in the motorbike world for 2020.

For 2019 we had some great sponsors on board but can always do with that little bit of extra help financially. Our main sponsors are family. If you feel this maybe something you can help with or are interested in please contact us via the contacts link.