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Our First Blog Entry

Jan 2017

Thanks for coming to the site! We will try our best to keep the blogs coming and if anyone would like to add any info, comment or articles to the blog just send me a email. We are looking forward to a great year with Cuña de Campeones and KTM RC!! I think we are in for a great season, especially with the support from all of you that we are receiving. Thank You and here's to Race season 2017 from Fenton Seabright

Our Second Blog Entry

Jan 2017

Just a update.... We are still waiting on Fenton Seabright to be given the dates for Spain, for cuña de campeones. I will update the calendar as soon as we receive them. I am hoping the last race of the season will be at the MotoGP weekend in November 2017. This is a great weekend for anyone!! Not just Petrol heads but young, old and the ones inbetween. The buzz of this weekend is like no other and Valencia do know how to host a great event and one of Spains best Tracks, so fingers crossed it will be at Ricardo Tormo Valencia. Will update as soon as I know.

Pledges so far....


This year we start with a campaigns to get some sponsorship for 2017. We are training hard in Spain at the moment on most of the tracks, Valencia, Cartagena, Albacete, Jerez, Navarro and we would like to get to Motorland in Aragon. Obviously these training days cost between 100€ to 150€, without the cost of fuel, tyres and transport. We have had a good response from the campaign but need extra help. If you cant afford to pledge please share so we can get a bigger audience in Spain and the Uk. Our other costs that we incur thoughout the year are the following:- Race and Training suits, Gloves, Boots, Helmet, Parts for the bike IE: chains, sprockets, brakes, oils, fuel, tyres. Mechanic to help assist at the race meetings. While Fenton Seabright is Training he also has a Qualified trainer here in Spain, we pay a monthly fee for his to train 3/4 times a week with him. We have already funded over 10,000GBP for this coming season, so any help would be fantastic. Get sharing peeps​.....

This is the link, it is very easy to use and very safe. Just click on the link and pledge the amount you want. The amounts on there are for ease if you want to pledge 5.00 you can just add it where is say's "other amount" Every single penny will be shown where it is being spent via Fenton Seabrights Teamfenton10 page. You can also pledge anonymously, by pushing the button! We will not even know who has pledged if you chose to do it this way, and thank you in advance. #letitgo #dontgiveup

Fast Lane for Fenton....


Well it has been a great week. Fenton Seabright has had a huge viewing of this webpage and all his social media accounts. We have had some great offers of support and the pledges have been great.

This weekend we have the gala dinner and presentation of the Cup of Levante! He will be entering a fun resistance IMR pitbike rally with 2 friends, this weekend.... So watch this space for the photos. Last time he ended up doing 3 and a half hours on the bike solo as his team mate crashed out. This year we taking no gambles and there will be 3 of them. Let the fun and games begin of 2017 #leyitgo #dontgiveup #friends

Wet and muddy


Well this week in Spain has been terrible weather and almost impossible to train, unles it a quad!! Normal training sessions are 3 times a week and one day at the weekend. Last nigh was my first evening back out on the track for 6 days and it felt great! Due to the bad weather we are training again this evening and I cant wait to get out on the bike. The Pledge page has been great this week and we have nearly raised 4000 pound... I am speechless, which does not happen very often so thank you everyone. I still have some VIP tickets available for Silverstone at a great price of 30.00 pound, but be quick as I only have a few left. (Contact us via the email link) Hopefully I will have some more dates for Spain in next few weeks and I am moving in a different direction. Since committing to the UK championship I have had various offers from different teams and I am reviewing them all. Looks to be a busy 2017 for me and my family. We love it!

Keep Photo bombing.......


This week has been a great week! Lots of training and learning off a couple of moto3 riders.... The weather has been good and I am looking forward to this weekends training. Had a fitting today for my training suit... I think I may have shrunk slightly as there is a lot of taking in to be done. The plastics have been resprayed on my Premoto4, ready to train in the Uk in a few weeks. Big thanks to Eugene for the great finish on them.  Most of the sponsor logos have been sent out and are currently being printed up! 49 days to go before we are "Ready to Race" getting excited now..... #letitgo #47  My normal photobombing  - This is my little mate Levy!!

Sponsors UK


Well It has been a crazy few weeks.... Been to Uk and collected my new KTM RC 390cc Bike!  Arrived in Storm Doris so only seemed appropriate to name her after the storm. "Doris" is a feisty girl, and it is going to take me some getting used to the way she rides. Only 24 days till first competition at Donington Park. Had a test day a Mallory Park, Rockingham and Donington while I was there. The bike is so smooth and feels great, I cant wait to train and get out on the track with her. Also had a great day at Hideout Leathers and met one of my Sponsors Anthony Davies and his lovely dad Stan. Anthony has been a great supporter since meeting me in Valencia in 2016 and as a family and race team we are really grateful to him for all his support and help. Hideout leathers was out of this world.... Had my first fitting and as soon as I put the leathers on I could feel the difference in quality and workmanship. I should say work-womanship lol. Kate is the owner and really knows her stuff! If anyone is looking for leathers this is the place to go!!! Kate has designed my race suit and all the extras to go with it and made me feel I am the safest I can be on the track. Check out the design for yourself in the photo, it all looks great. Now just need Doris to get her glad rags on (racing graphics) and we are "Ready to Race"

Future is Bright 


Donington Park Round 1

Well it has been a exciting start to the KTM RC 390 Santander Consumer Finance Cup 2017! Fenton Seabright Started at Donington Park with great track laps and giving him a good start up front on the grid. After having a few bike problems in the 5th lap Fenton managed to hold on and come in 3rd in the 1st race. The second race Fenton was determined to keep at the front of the pack and every lap he was getting faster and more confident on the bike. Bringing in another podium which was a close race and coming in 2nd. The third race of the weekend at Donington Park, was the best! Fenton Seabright started how he meant to finish and got out first, having a little battle with the other two riders but kept his cool and rode hard keeping his head down. After over shooting on a bend came one of the best saves I have seen him do.... High siding and keeping the throttle open he carried on without hesitation to keep the lead and bringing home the 1st place he was hoping for. Great start to the season, and this allowed all 3 riders at the top of the grid to bring home the same results over the weekend putting them in joint lead on the points board.

Brands Hatch Round 2

First Race of Brands Hatch saw Fenton Seabright start 3rd on the grid. Having never ridden Brands Hatch before, going out on warm up he was quoted saying "I love these UK tracks"

Fenton Started exactly where he finished in Donington Park and got out in front, having a little battle with another rider he took back the lead at Druids Hairpin with a nice bit of riding, Fenton then stayed in the lead and kept his cool and used his head to sustain a lead which saw him come in 1st.

Second Race started again very strong and Fenton had a 2 second lead, after a small amount of rain on the track and starting to catch the back markers, Fenton caught sight of the yellow flag at the approach to Paddock Hill and within seconds see a army of orange marshal's on the side of the track where a rider had unfortunately come off. Ater just dabbing his break, at the thought of debre on the track in front of him Fentons front end slipped away and down he came! No words could describe his anger as he had worked hard and was so far ahead. Thankfully Fenton was fne, but the bike was not so good.

After a long day of repairing the motorbike, race three was upon us and although Fenton Seabright had not finished the race the day previous he was in pole position for fastest lap. The atmosphere was sharp and the team all knew that Fenton was out for another podium after not finishing the race the day previously. The start of the race Fenton was out in front once again, chased by 2 riders and the rest of the pack they were all desperate for that podium finish to the weekend. The crash the previous day at Paddock hill did not phase Fenton at all and he was battling for the 1st position, once again towards the end of the race they started catching up with the back markers and with some great riding and using his head Fenton kept the lead finishing 1st . In all it has been a great start to the new season and Fenton is enjoying the UK tracks with the dips, hills and sharp turns along with the narrower tracks. Bring on Knockhill!! 

Training Hard! 


So Fenton has had a few weeks without any races...  But dont let this fool you in thinking he not been working hard!  Fenton has been training at his academy in Elche Alicante.  Hawkers Academy has training sessions 3 days a week with a great mentor Javier Acuña.  Fenton also trains at a local track in Villajoyosa on most Sundays.  So he has been hard at it ready for the next round of BSB and the KTMRC Cup in Knockhill.  Hopefully the rain holds off, but Fenton is not worried either way.  Wish us luck and hopefully we will be posting great results.

Debut at Knockhill



This weekend Fenton Harrison Seabright was at Knockhill in Scotland with British Super Bikes riding in the 3rd round of the KTMRC Santander Consumer Finance Cup on his 390cc bike. Conditions were very grim the first day for free practice and after having a few minor technical issues the Saturday, was Qualifying time. Fenton done extremely well considering he had never ridden the Knockhill track before and started on the grid in 3rd position. Race 1 he did not manage a great start due to him finding it difficult to place his foot on the floor due to the camber of the track, he held a good position and after a accident behind him the red flag went up and the race was ended half way this gave him a finished 3rd position. Race 2 he also struggled with the same start, which is normally his strong point and again keeped up with the front two riders and bring in another 3rd. On the Sunday after a few sprocket changes (to increase his ability to come out the corners quicker) he had a good start and lead from the exit, catching the back markers on the final lap allowed the 2nd rider to bridge the gap and Fenton kept his head down and crossed the line in 1st place. 4th Race started and after the 3rd lap was red flagged due to a accident which meant we had to restart the race. Fenton kept his composure and pushed hard and over took the two riders infront on the exit of the last lap. After a racing incident the two riders behind him collided and up the red flag went again, making fenton the winner in race 4 as he was already on his last lap and in the lead. Fenton showed great determination throughout the weekend and is improving everytime he goes out. Fenton now is the top of the championship points and is determined to stay there. He has had great support and help from, Santander consumer fianance, Metzeler tyres, Shoei Helmets, Eurosports and Hideout Leathers just to name a few. Next race is at Snetterton on 30th June! #teamfenton47

Crazy weekend at Snetterton


 Snetterton Circuit is a great place. Fenton really enjoyed his experience there, with the long straights and the bomb hole! The weekend started slow due to having continued problems with the motorbike and trying to understand why it is not up to horse power... After collecting the motorbike late Thursday evening we was unable to make it to Snettetrton until Friday lunchtime. Fenton had not tested the motorbike since Knockhill as it had been at the dealership who had been trying there best to get Doris (the motorbike) on full power. After the free practice Fenton was losing power on all the starights and anyone who knows Snetterton will know this is where most of your power is needed! Saturday was a early qualifying, and Fenton managed to pull 3rd in timing. After all qualifyers the first 3 bikes are dyno tested and as we expected the bike was running at 41 horse power! Unfortunately there was not much that could be done as the race was only a hour away. Race 1, Fenton tried his best to adapt to the track with the lack of HP and pushed really hard, taking gambles on corners and changing the way he would normally ride just to keep up with 2 other riders who were battling for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. We are not sure how Fenton did it but he managed to come in with a 4th place with only 41 Horse Power over the majority on 45 Horse Power. Obviously like any rider in the industry Fenton was not happy with this result, but as a team we know he could not of pushed any harder. After a conversation with another team of KTM, it was decided we needed to strip the motorbike before race 2 on Sunday. So out came the tools and with great thanks to Mark Draper from Steelmate Racing and our mechanic Joe Weal they managed to gain 2 more Horse Power ready for Sunday. Race 2, Fenton started on the grid in 3rd position again. After a big lead by the first rider, Fenton managed to keep in 2nd place and had a gap of 4.5 seconds on 3rd place. Bring home a well deserved 2nd place!! Although the cup is a one make bike, it is obviously down to getting the bikes all working the best you can. Sometimes it is not easy to maintain a bike that you have limited knowledge on and that you need to rely on other team mates to assist you. This does say a lot about the teams that enter this cup.. It is about ALL of the riders and teams, that do a huge job to make sure each rider is out and on machines that are running to the best performance. Most of these riders (Fenton included) are only on the 2nd or 3rd year of circuit/road racing and are learning everytime they go out. It is these riders from front to back that are showing talent and potential which makes you proud to watch. KTMRC Cup of 2017 are all great riders and teams and make it worth while at each event. Bring on Cadwell Park

Its all about track time....


So its all about track time.... Fenton has been out on track at Hawkers Academy in Elche since we have been back in Spain. It has been over 30 every day and with a set of leathers on and full protection, as a spectator I am not sure how he does it!  Fenton will find any opportunity to be out on two wheels and the heat does not seem to effect him. He is on track Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturday mornings and most Sundays. He trains on a IMR 140cc Pitbike which has been kindly sponsored by Vicente Perez, and also on his Premoto4 250cc which he competed last year. The Premoto4 is a great little bike and reasonably easy to maintain and not too expensive to run up against some of the other bikes of its type and shape. Fenton has great fun on these two bikes but loves his KTM 390cc RC Cup bike, which unfortunately he only gets to ride on race days and maybe a occasional Track day whilst we are in the UK. As you can see with his progress this year it is important for any rider to be out on A bike on any track in gain strength and experience. This is what helps Fenton on all his race days is definitely the amount of time he puts in on the bikes. Fenton has recently started working on his core strength and has been going to a trampoline park in Alicante (Urban Jump) along with a fellow rider they sweat it out on a weekly basis and both use it as to help with fitness. I am sure it is also boys having fun too!! Anyway next blog will be after Cadwell Park, with lots of exciting things happening and in the words of Fenton... Train hard play hard

Cadwell - Find me some Horse Power!


Cadwell Park what a place... Out in the little country lanes, we finally arrived at the most picturesque circuit I think we have been to so far in the UK. Fenton:

After free practice I felt I need to change my gearing as I felt I was loosing it on the straights. The bike just didn't feel right?

Saturday morning was qualifying time and I managed to get a 3rd on the grid for the first race but still didn't feel the bike was pulling right. After the bike was dyno tested we see it was 10% under horse power and unfortunately as the race was so soon in the day we didn't have time to change anything. I sat in 3rd on the grid and didn't get a great start with a few riders getting between me and the front 2 I normally battle with. After 3 laps I had managed to over take and it put me back in 3rd place. Those of you that have not ridden at Cadwell Park will not know of the struggles to overtake on such a narrow twisty track with hardly any room for mistakes. It is very difficult, the front 2 riders had a good lead on me and then a small shower came across the track making catching them almost impossible! I did manage to pick up some ground and finished a happy 3rd and my foot on the podium. This put me 3rd on the grid for the 2nd race on Sunday! My team worked really hard throughout Saturday to try and pull some HP back on the bike. KTM and other teams (Thanks Steelmate Racing) also helped, which shows the relationships within our championships. Even offering me the use of another engine if I felt I needed it - Thanks Team Ixon! Before we knew it the weather had turned and what was a sunny afternoon turned into rain, wind and darkness. We knew we had run out of time and it would be a early start on Sunday. Sunday morning I could not go out on warm up as I needed to get the bike back on the dyno, which is what we done, thankfully we had picked up 2% more hp but I knew going into race 2 was going to be hard. Race 2 was pretty much the same I once again got caught behind another ride on the first corner enabling the front 2 to get a good lead. I struggled again but managed to bring home a good 3rd place which puts me 3rd in the championship by only a few points. I am looking forward to Silverstone and hopefully the bike will play nicely.

MotoGP Dorna - Road to great things!


So Fenton Harrison Seabright got chosen to take part in the knock out process to make over 90 riders into just 22! To take part in the new venture known as the British Talent Cup which is being organised by MotoGP (Dorna)

Fenton was asked to attend Silverstone on Tuesday 22nd August to start with the administration of the event. After arriving at Silverstone Stowe Circuit, Fenton started to realise the potential situation he was in with some top riders turning up for the inscription process. Not only is Silverstone a wonderful circuit but the smaller circuit is just as intimidating when its full of riders you have been watching from a distance for the past few years start turning up in the hope of being chosen to ride for MotoGP (Dorna). 

 Fenton:  Wednesday started and we was at the track side early as we wanted to have a look at the circuit again. The lists went up on the board and we was in 11 sets! 

 Fenton: When I saw my group, my mouth went dry... I was in with some really talented and proven riders and knew I was going to have to prove my talent.

 After a few hours had passed and all the riders had done the first 15 mins on the Honda 250cc it was crunch time and out came another list of riders with a announcement that if your name was not on the list you was going home! Obviously there was a big rush to the board and eventually Fenton managed to have a look to see he was still in with a chance. Second time out and the group had got smaller and the time on track had been cut to 10 minutes to prove yourself.

 Fenton: When I saw I was still in it made me more nervous to go out again.  But I knew I had to keep focused.

The process continued until it was down to only 32 riders... It then took Alberto Puig, Shuhei Nakamoto, Jeremy McWillams and a few more talent spotters one and a half hours to decide who to take through to the new British Talent Cup! The television cameras where with the journey all day and when it came to the final decision time out they came again.   All the children where asked to sit down infront on the cameras and out came Alberto Puig to tell the final 22 who had made it. Fenton was number 66 on his bib which made him one of the last names to be called and gave him a place to showcase his true talent next year alongside MotoGP.  There will be 6 race weekends with 12 races in total, circuits are yet to be decided. All the bikes, suits, boots, protective wear, gloves and helmets are paid for by Dorna and sponsorship. 

 Last words by Fenton: I am so happy to be chosen to take part in a new championship with the best mentors within the industry. All my hard work and commitment to the sport is starting to pay off. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through sponsorship and helping me to get where I want to go MotoGP 

Never the End - Always a start...


Well this year has not gone to plan for Team Fenton at all. After starting the year on a high and doing so well on the new Moto3 250cc it took a downward spiral out of our control. As you can read on our web page Fenton has sustained 2 broken arms on two different occasions and the Moto3 which was sponsored by Caterinvestment was smashed to pieces. After a considerable amount of trying to raise sufficient funds to replace the Moto3 the team has decided to cut our losses and concentrate on the last two rounds of the British Talent Cup which is run by Dorna. Thankfully Dorna supply Fenton the Moto3 for this championship and support all of what is needed for him to participate. Fenton has worked so very hard to get himself fit and race ready to try and regain the second position within the Motostar championship but it was just not meant to be this year. It has really took the whole family in a different direction, as us as parents have tried so hard to assist with not letting our sponsors down - |Hence myself having to stay in the UK with Fenton which obliviously meant I could not go to work, being just part of the uphill struggle. But as a strong family/team Fenton will learn from this year and we will go away and train and put valuable time and effort as we do as a family to get him race ready for next season. Believe me when I say he Will be back stronger and fighting for whichever championship he decides to do.

Barcelona ~ European Talent Cup Round 3


We have just arrived in Barcelona for the 3rd round of the ETC championship.  Hopefully the weather will stay kind to me this weekend and i can have to good days setting up the moto3 Thursday and Friday.  Ive never ridden this circuit, so i am looking forward to giving it a go.  

The track is 2.875 miles long and built in 1991 with 16 corners and some nice looking straights.  I will keep you updated over the weekend here and fingers crossed i can get another top 10 finish.   #47 Fenton 

Barcelona ~ European Talent Cup Round 3 ~ free practice


Free practice sessions finished and although i had a little crash in last session, I am feeling positive!  I have managed to chip away to a time I am happy with and am feeling confident that im learning the track.  There are 64 riders qualifying tomorrow, with timing ranging between 2 seconds difference which is fairly close.  I have left the team a bit of work to do tonight im afraid, but i was just trying to take a change in a line just to see if it worked?  Obviously it didnt, but at least i done it in Free Practice ;) #47 Fenton 

Silverstone ~ British Talent Cup


3rd place finish in the British Talent Cup!

So it's the end of the season for the British Talent Cup and to top it off getting 3rd in the championship after 3 no race points was pretty great!  It has been a amazing 2 years with British Talent Cup I have learnt so much and had the most amazing experiences!

First Race I was really happy with a podium finish. It was such close, strong and competitive  racing through out, I went down to 7th position at one stage and battled my way back through to get on that 3rd step. 

The last race of the year was a huge battle where the slip stream was a big part of the race and after battling back and forward I made the decision a few corners from the end to make sure I finished the race and not gamble my 3rd place in the championship.

Definitely the #theroadtomotogp I am still not certain on my ride for next year 2020 but would like to continue with this journey by keeping out in the FIM CEV moto3 🤞 I can pull it together.

Huge thanks to Ultimate Racing UK Limited and Caterin Investments Ltd Racing for sponsorship this season, it would not of been possible without you.

Big thanks to all the staff and mechanics in the BTC it has been awesome to ride for you all.


If nothing else.... I managed to put my foot on a podium at MotoGP Silverstone/Brno, World Super bikes and British super bikes this season which I'm pretty proud of.

Jerez ~ European Talent Cup


Another race weekend over and some more points earned. 

2 solid races which were consistent.  However the pace in the pack in both races were strong, I was finding it hard to keep up on the straights and at one point in race 2, was on my own chasing a pack.

I had some battling throughout both races climbing up to 9th and back down again. My starts in both races where not my best and I need to focus on this area in my next race in a few weeks.

Knowing my weak spots at this round gives me something to work on in Albacete in a few weeks time.

Onwards and upwards - no one said it would be easy.

Huge thanks to Wilson Racing, my sponsors and of course the #47 club.

Albacete ~ Moto3 Junior World Championship


Moving up to Moto3 for Albacete

Thanks to Fau55 Racingthis weekend in Albacete I will be participating in the moto3, the Junior World Championship.  

More news over the weekend, or keep an eye on my facebook page for updates. 

Valencia ~ Moto3 Junior World Championship


So I have had some ups and downs this year for sure! It was great to get the podium 2nd at Estoril in the ETC, but not so great not qualifying Aragon due to engine problems, but it turned round to me winning the ETC Series 2 by over 10 seconds! I have still managed to be the highest Brit in the ETC this season and finished 14th without riding in the last two rounds! 

Then came the opportunity to have a shot at the "Junior World Moto3" which was not only a great opportunity but a big jump from a standard Honda Moto3 to a full factory KTM moto3 - a million miles apart. I'm not going to lie, it rocked my confidence a bit and it has taken till today for me to feel completely comfortable on it. I managed some great results today In both races against some quality riders. It is certainly not for the faint hearted riding amongst these guys I can tell you that. The race craft is something I've never come across and I am hoping to get the opportunity to give it a go next season - depending on funds.

I need to say a huge thank you to all my family, friends and sponsors for giving me this opportunity for 2019 and I hope I've made you all proud. Fingers and toes crossed we can raise the funds for 2020 as I think it would be a even better year.

Big thanks to Hector Fau55 for allowing me the experience, the team are amazing and a fully professional team.

I rode these 2 races for my wonderful pops (grandad) who passed away a couple of weeks ago, I'm sure he was with me on every corner of that track👼! Happy Birthday Pops

#4upops ❤

2020 - looking for sponsors


After my brief taste of the Moto3 Junior World Championship, I am looking forward to taking part in this competition in 2020.  

For this to take place, I am looking for new sponsors to help make this possible. 

If you, or you know of anyone that would like to help out on our racing journey in 2020, please get in touch and help support young talent. 

Visit the contact page to get in touch.

2020 - Provisional dates released


The 2020 Provisional FIM CEV Repsol calendar has been published by the FIM and FIM Europe.

All dates have been added to the home page. 

You can find out all the results, photos, videos and information at

New Bell pro star Helmet

This week I received my new PRO STAR helment sponsored by Bell. I cant wait to get hold of it. Unfortunately it has been delivered to the UK and I am not back there until the end of February training. Lots has happened this week.... I have been training hard as usual. My licence from RFME has arrived and I am now just completing my BSB inscription. This year I am going to be #47 so all our team equipment is now being designed - I cant wait to see it all - We have been lucky to obtain another sponsor and I think maybe a few more this week. Things are looking great 8 weeks to go........ #teamfenton47