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El Guiri Team

About Me:- I have lived in Spain since I was 2 years old. I live and breath my motorbikes and have done since I was small. I have other interests whi​ch are r​iding and driving horses, mountain bikes, scooters, fitness and snow boarding. I am 15 years old and was born in Chelmsford Essex (which apparently makes me a Essex boy!) I train hard 3/4 times a week with a team close to my home in Alicante Spain. I have a terrible obsession with Chicken nuggets, to the point that I named my horses "Nugget" 

My nickname here is El Guiri - Which means the foreigner, but is pronounced 

L´giddy.  Watch out for me on the circuit!

This year is my 3rd year competing on a track, I have had no other motorbike competitions under my belt apart from riding up and around Spanish mountains. I have compete​d at some great tracks in Spain - Jerez - Navarra - Cartagena - Kotarr - Motorland - Valencia to name a few, but none beat the tracks of the UK. A lot of my friends and fellow riders ask if the UK is easier to ride.. My answer is plain and simple, You have thinner tracks with ups and downs and no run offs. I am loving the experience and the new challenges the UK circuits are giving me. I have also found that riding with British Super Bikes has taught me more in the few months I have been attending then I have learnt anywhere else. The riders are all really helpful and the staff help whenever they can. The BSB experience is just epic and I am really enjoying the experience.

Having won the BSB Junior KTMRC 390 Championship in 2017 and being Reserve World Champion, It is a completely new type of Motorbike the Honda 250cc Moto3. Unfortunately I had only been on track on race weekends and due to my injuries last season I had not had a chance to get to grips totally with the bike as we was still learning the setup and what was working well for me. I have gained more valuable experience over last winter and have come back stronger in 2019.  So far I am loving the Moto3 and am learnig everytime I go out on it, training or race weekends.  I feel I am getting more confident and knowledgeable which is now starting to show with my results in both Championships.